Learn how you can use the Parent Portal to manage your child’s experience across our kid-safe sites and apps.

The Mattel Login Parent Portal is designed to keep your child’s personal information secure and in your hands whenever they access our kid-safe apps and sites.

As a parent or legal guardian, you will have complete control over any personal information requested from your child, and you will always be informed of any new requests so you can review them.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our apps and sites, our policies, and how we keep your child’s information safe.

Q: What is Mattel Login?

A: Mattel Login is a single sign on system that seamlessly connects any fan of our products, whether they are an adult, a teen or a child, to all Mattel Login enabled games, apps, and more. Mattel Login supports certain game play activity and progress across multiple devices.  If you are a parent, you can also use your Mattel Login account to access our Parent Portal, where you can manage your child’s safety and privacy across all the Mattel Login enabled websites and apps they use and log into.

Q: Is Mattel Login only for Kids? 

A: Mattel Login is for all users – kids, teens, adults, and parents – of any Mattel Login enabled apps, games or websites. That is why we ask for a date of birth before a user can set up a Mattel Login account.

Q: How will I know which Mattel apps, games and websites are Mattel Login enabled?

A: You will know if an app, game, or website is Mattel Login enabled if it provided you with an opportunity to sign up for or sign in to Mattel Login.  Hot Wheels ™ id is the first Mattel product with Mattel Login. As the program expands, you will be able to use Mattel Login to sign up for and manage more of our products.

Q: What is the Mattel Login Parent Portal?

A: The Mattel Login Parent Portal is designed to help parents manage their children’s online activities. You’ll be able to obtain information regarding select Mattel games being used by your child and make certain choices regarding game features your child can use. You can also update or delete your child’s account at any time using our Mattel Login Parent Portal.

Q: How will I know if my child is using Mattel Login enabled apps, games or websites?

A: If your child signs up for Mattel Login through one of our Mattel Login enabled apps, games, or websites, we will ask them to provide us with a parent’s email address so that we can notify you of their activities.  If they sign into additional Mattel Login enabled products, this will also generate an email notification to the parent the first time the child logs into that app, game, or website.

We may include features in our online products that require parental consent.  If your child seeks to use these features, we may request that they sign up and/or sign in with Mattel Login so that we can collect your email address for purposes of obtaining parental consent. Certain features of Mattel Login enabled apps, games or websites may not be available to children whose parents do not establish a child’s Mattel Login account and/or fail to activate permission when needed to safeguard their child’s privacy.

Q: What kind of choices can I make regarding my child’s online activities by using the Parent Portal?

A: As new features are added to Hot Wheel ™ id, and new apps and activities are added that are enabled with Mattel Login, the Mattel Login Parent Portal allows you to monitor the permissions you have granted for your children. When a new child signs up for Mattel Login and provides your email address, you will be notified and will be able to view any permissions required for the game, app, or website they are using, just as you did for the first child. You will be able to toggle between your children on the ‘My Child’ page.

Mattel Login Parent Portal is designed to help parents manage their children’s online activities. Depending on the features of the game that your child wishes to access, and the information your child will be asked to share to participate in those features, you will have the ability to access, review, consent to, and or revoke permissions requested by the Mattel Login enabled product.  You can also delete your child’s Mattel Login account.

Q: What happens if I delete my child’s Mattel Login account?

A: If you delete your child’s Mattel Login account, any game play and progress associated with the account will be lost and your child will need to start over as a new user.

Q: How do I delete my account or my child’s account? 

A: If you are a child, please ask your parent to delete your account using the Mattel Login Parent Portal.

All users (parents, adults, and children) may also contact Mattel Customer Service  at https://service.mattel.com/us/ContactUs.aspx for assistance in deleting their accounts.

Q: What information is required to sign up for Mattel Login?

A: If you are a child (under 13 in the US or as otherwise defined in your country/region of residence), we will collect your date of birth, a username and password, and a parent’s email address.

If you are not a child, we will collect your date of birth and an email address and password.

We use date of birth to flag children in our system to help ensure that kids access activities appropriate for them, but we immediately delete the child’s date of birth.  We use the parent’s email address to provide notice to the parent and request parental consent when needed, depending on additional data we might request to make new features and activities available.  For users who sign up with Mattel Login that are not children, we use their email address to provide notifications and updates as described in the Mattel’s Privacy Statement.

Q: Does Mattel Login share my information with third parties?

A: Mattel shares user information with third party service providers to offer and improve our products, understand our users, and operate our business.  Third party service providers are not allowed to use information obtained through their work with us for their own marketing purposes.  Mattel uses commercially reasonable and appropriate measures to protect consumer data from improper use by third party service providers. When required, we obtain consent from a user or a parent to share information with third parties and offer a mechanism for opting out of such sharing.  For more information, see Mattel’s Privacy Statement.  

Q: Are Mattel Login and the Mattel Login Parent Portal certified by a third party for privacy and security?

A: The security and privacy of Mattel Login and the Mattel Login parent Portal is certified as compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by the Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESRB), an independent COPPA Safe Harbor provider approved by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”).  ESRB seals signify compliance with applicable privacy laws and best practices related to the online collection and use of personal information, including but not limited to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Q: How do I reset my password? 

A: You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” link on the bottom right corner of the sign-in page.

If you are a child, you can use your registered username to reset your password and we will send the instruction to your parent’s email address. 

If you are an adult, you can use your own registered email id to reset your password.  

Q: Is Username the same as Displayname? 

A: Username is not the same as Displayname. Username is your login credential. You can use your username to sign into Mattel Login enabled apps and games. “Displayname” is as screen name that visible inside each app. This screen-name can be different for each app or game and can be selected by the user from a list of available names. We do this to protect your privacy and security.

Q: Why can’t I choose my Displayname?  

A: To protect your privacy and security, we do not allow you to create your own Displayname. However, you can still choose a Displayname of your liking from a randomized list we provide during account creation.

Q: Who is SuperAwesome and why are they referenced in the Mattel Login Parent Portal? 

A: Mattel uses SuperAwesome technology services in providing Mattel Login and the Mattel Login Parent Portal. SuperAwesome only processes this data to provide these services to Mattel customers.  SuperAwesome provides tools for creating sites and apps in compliance with COPPA and the GDPR. To learn more about SuperAwesome, click https://www.superawesome.com/about-us.